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Click here to go to the Promotions Page to win a FREE dress!

We make every dress to your specifications

Custom Design Every Time

Custom Gowns

Every dress at our store is designed custom for a bride on their special day. With us, you can design your own gown, get it fitted just for you. It is our goal to turn the gowns that women have dreamed of since they were children into a reality – and we are successful every time.

Detailed Service

This is a special time in your life and at this time, more than ever a bride should be treated like a princess. At Unique Bridal detailed service is one of our best qualities. We will work to produce you a beautiful gown and will keep working until you are 100% satisfied.

For a Unique Bride

On your wedding day, all attention is on the Bride, for this reason it is important to make a dress that stands out and is unlike any other. At Unique Bridal, we want to make you feel special. We will do all the hard work and heavy lifting. Just tell us what you like and we will get it done!

“No words to describe how professional this woman is. She is amazing!!!
I would first…”

Ortal S

“Carmela is truly a fairy godmother! I am so ecstatic, beyond words happy with my beautiful wedding gown. I gave Carmela the ultimate project of fixing…”

Kayla G.




Lasting Pleasure

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Why Choose Us

Unique Bridal

Unique Bridal has been in business for over 30 years providing wedding gowns and dresses to thousands of Brides in the most beautiful times of their lives. Working with so many peoples and having so many satisfied customers, we hope you will choose us to be there with you on your special day.

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We’re here for you

We would love to hear from you and all of your dreams on your upcoming wedding day or special event. Tell us what you like or bring us a photo from your favorite bridal magazine. We guarantee that we will turn whatever you had in your imagination into a reality that will be form fitting and absolutely beautiful.

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